Restoration Project

Preparing All Saints, Newton for the Future

Phase 2 - Key Stages

This page is a record of some of the key stages during the Phase 2 journey.

All Saints, Newton church building closed for services following the Annual Parisioners Church Meeting, April 2019 to allow the roof repairs to start. All was going according to plan and on schedule until the project was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic which brought lockdowns, shortage of materials, delivery delays and the 'opportunity' to find many other repairs and improvements to be made.

Finally, the church re-opened for Sunday services and life events on 25th July 2021, still with some work to be done to complete Phase 2 but operational.

The Phase 2 repairs have been made possible by generous grants from a number of sponsors including:

Update - 4th June 2020

Great progress with the painting!

What's next?

We are currently researching options for heating the church in the future. Also, we will soon be advertising the sale of a few pews that are being removed to allow space for the piano to be moved to the front of the church; this will make a big difference in supporting both our worship and fundraising activities.

So many people have volunteered recently to offer their services towards maintaining the church; we are very grateful for your support. Thank you!

The bells...

... will soon be ringing again after restoration work.

All three bells will ring out for Sunday services, weddings and funerals.

Bell practice will be held on Tuesday afternoons for 30 minutes; if this will cause difficulties for anyone, e.g. sleeping following night shift, please let us know on 01347 848446.

Aerial views taken 1st June 2020

Update - 28th May 2020

During the period of lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, work on the restoration had to stop. However, in the few weeks that the rules have been relaxed, the plastering work has been completed and work is now underway to paint, not just the newly plastered areas but all of the internal walls. The photographs in the image carousel show the progress that has been made so far.