Life Events

As a Church of England church within our rural community, All Saints is privileged to be involved in supporting families through important life events, whether the start of a new marriage, baptism or the loss of a loved one.


The introduction to the Marriage Service describes marriage as a gift from God. Marrying in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual; just as you want it to be.

We would be privileged to help you arrange your wedding at All Saints. Please note that eligibility to get married in specific parish churches is defined by the Church of England; these criteria are legal restrictions that we need to adhere to. However, the rules have been eased in recent years so please check the Church of England website for more information.

Christening and Thanksgiving

Many parents wish to mark the birth of a child with a baptism or thanksgiving service.  We would be pleased to explain the difference between the two and help you to choose which would be most appropriate for your family.

More information about baptism and thanksgiving can be found on the Church of England website by clicking the links above.

Baptism is not just for children.  Many young people and adults wish to be baptised and we are happy to arrange these services too.


The loss of a loved one can be a difficult time and members of the church's ministry team are there to offer help, comfort and support.

They are available to take funeral services either in church or at a local crematorium or cemetery.  

More information about funerals can be found on the Church of England website here.

Initial contact can be made either through our Churchwardens or via the funeral director.

See the Diocese of York site for additional Parish Fees information.

Enquiries for Weddings and Baptisms should be sent to: